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Fresh 10 & 5 Year Veteran Coin Non Prime Account | Instant Delivery

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Instant Delivery | Live Chat Support | 100% Legit | Buy With Confidence

Please read these terms & conditions before buying this product:
1) Do not make any steam tickets or requests with steam support
2) If you get any type of alert on your steam account, we don’t issue a refund or replacement for this product.
3) These accounts are more than 12 years old, so no first email/ original email is provided or any cd key.
4) In any case if you make a purchase do not refund the item on steam as you will get an alert on your account.

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Fresh 10 & 5 Year Veteran Coin Non-Prime Account | Instant Delivery

10 Year Veteran Coin Non-Prime csgo account, These coins are given to those who have any counter-strike version for more than 10 years, In this account, you will get both 10 & 5 Year coins.

  • CS: GO Rank: Fresh 10 year veteran 
  • Private rank: 0
  • Wins: 0 
  • Hours Played: 0
  • Prime Status: Not achieved
  • Face It: Never made (No Face It account linked) 
  • Region Restriction: Global (No restriction)
  • Competitive Cooldown / Bans: None 
  • VAC Status: No Vac bans on record. 
  • Instant delivery

What will you get?

A steam account with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive added in the steam library and 10 Year coin and 5 Year coin added in the account will be delivered on your e-mail instantly after ordering it with the following details:

Steam Username
Steam Password

Email id (Email linked to the account)
Email Password

Link to login email

What’s the Eta (time is taken for delivery) for this product?

The account will be delivered on your email instantly after placing the order, the whole process is automatic.

Where can I buy a Fresh 10 year veteran non-prime account?

You can get a Fresh 10 year veteran coin non-prime account from which offers a better solution as you can directly buy the account which you want without going through any hassle whatsoever.

1 review for Fresh 10 & 5 Year Veteran Coin Non Prime Account | Instant Delivery

  1. Linkin Arnell (verified owner)

    Amazing it was instant and i got exactly what I paid for.

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